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Asheville Custom Home Builders

If you’re going to invest in a custom home, then you owe it to yourself to protect that investment by working with reliable, trustworthy and proven Asheville custom home builders.

We invite you to meet with our team here at Humrickhouse Signature Homes, where we specialize in working with clients to provide them with the house that they have always imagined and hope for.


Explore our options for Asheville custom homes

While opting for a custom home rather than a pre-built one provides you with a house that is uniquely your own, the process does require extensive communication between you and your custom home builders in Asheville NC. Here at Humrickhouse Signature Homes, we have been able to create such great homes for our clients because we offer:

  • Experienced builders: Of course, first and foremost, you need to work with certified, experienced builders that have a track record of excellence. The Asheville custom home builders at Humrickhouse are some of the best in the business and we have previous projects we can show you that will underscore that fact.
  • Extensive communication: Whether in person, by e-mail or over the phone, we stay in close communication with our clients. This communication is important because it allows us to get constant feedback from our clients and implement all the specifications that they have for us.
  • Commitment to excellence: From the materials that we use to create your Asheville custom homes, to the subcontractors that we invite to take part in the project — we make sure that everything is of the highest quality so that it will reflect in the finished project.

We want to show you what we have to offer in regards to custom homes. Consult with our Asheville custom home builders to get more information or to fill us in on the details of your prospective project. We’d love to join you in creating a dream home!