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Greenville Remodeling Contractors

Welcome to one of the leading Greenville remodeling contractors. We are Humrickhouse Signature Homes, and our building professionals are known to handle a wide variety of building projects – including remodeling and renovations to your home or commercial building.

We have a tradition of excellence that dates back to the inception of our company. It can sometimes be tough to find builders you can trust to handle Greenville home renovations. But, with Humrickhouse, you can have the peace of mind of working with builders that are dedicated to excellence and want to provide a superior experience for the clients we work with.


Why remodel your home or commercial business?

Taking on occasional remodeling projects around your home or commercial property is important for a number of reasons. By teaming with our remodeling contractors in Greenville SC and remodeling portions of your facility, you are able to:

  • Experience a refreshing change of pace: Who really wants to stare at the same old four walls for years and years? With our Greenville remodeling contractors, you can breathe new life into your home to make it more livable.
  • Increase value: Remodeling generally means that you are upgrading many aspects of your home or commercial building. This can add significant value to the facility, which should be the goal for any homeowner or commercial building manager.
  • Enhance functionality: Our Greenville home renovations can include upgrades that make your home more energy efficient, better insulated and more. By making improvements in your home or facility, you can ensure that it’s more functional all the way around.

You can only reap these benefits when the job is completed the right way. That’s where our team of builders comes in.

We invite you to consult with our Greenville remodeling contractors about your remodeling needs. We can provide you with insight and information on what we have to offer and even offer you a free, no-obligation estimate. Contact us right now.