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Spartanburg Luxury Home Builders

Choosing the right Spartanburg luxury home builders is arguably the most important phase in the journey to creating your dream home. After all, if you can’t feel comfortable with, or trust, your builders, the entire process will be painstaking.

Humrickhouse Signature Homes specializes in creating Spartanburg luxury custom homes for the clients we work with. We understand that the process of creating a home from scratch isn’t always easy, but we have the tools and resources needed to make it simple and fun for our clients.


The premier luxury home builders in Spartanburg SC

Here at Humrickhouse Signature Homes, we have all the keys to creating a custom home that meets even your highest standards and expectations. This process includes:

  • Thorough communication between the client and our builders: In the eyes of our Spartanburg luxury home builders, you’re the boss that we answer to. In order to create a home that fits all your preferences, we need to be in close communication. Our team members are always available via phone, e-mail and in person to discuss your project.
  • Trusted builders and subcontractors: A lot of professionals contribute to Spartanburg luxury custom homes — and they’re all more than qualified for the job. Not only are our builders experienced and certified, but we only use heavily vetted subcontractors to contribute to your home.
  • A commitment to quality and timeliness: When it comes to planning out your custom home, having a realistic timeline in place is vital. Humrickhouse Signature Homes offers this sort of timeline — and we stick to it while providing high quality craftsmanship in the process.

Let’s get to work on your dream home! Our Spartanburg luxury home builders are available for a free consultation. We can show you some examples of our work, let you know your many options for a home and answer any questions or concerns you might have.